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In physics the more energy you have, the more power you are capable of generating. At work, if you want more power to accomplish things, find more energy and learn how to use it. That’s the key to unlocking the hidden power of energy in business.

Going a little deeper, your business is a system that runs on energy. The system involves both people and things, all of which affect the energy that flows from them, and through them. Whatever your role in the business might be, you can learn to unlock wasted energy and put it to good use in accomplishing your goals. You just need to understand the system, how energy works in business, and how to see and use the dynamics of energy.

It’s really not that complicated. Yet it is probably one of the most powerful things you will ever do to boost your abilities, your career, and your company’s performance. You probably already do some of this naturally and intuitively, but by learning the tools of managing energy in business you will acquire a systematic approach for doing virtually everything better. We call this the Energy Equation. You can read all about it in my new book.

For many years I’ve been on a journey to discover how energy works in business, and to develop the language and discipline of energy management. As I experienced that journey I was struck by many discoveries. Here are three of my more significant discoveries.

Turning A Big Negative Into A Big Positive

Perhaps my most striking discovery was realizing the enormous magnitude of wasted energy in business. Wasted energy takes many forms. Conflict and failed change initiatives are two prime examples, but energy can be wasted in virtually anything we do. And wherever we find wasted energy, we have the opportunity to unlock it and reapply it toward a positive outcome. Forgive me if I sound overly enthusiastic but, given the large amount of wasted energy in a typical business, that’s a HUGE OPPORTUNITY!

Here is an enterprise-level example of such an opportunity. In my book I provide a methodology for estimating the cost of what I call unintentional conflict in a company. I applied the methodology to a mid-sized company and found that a modest 20% reduction in unintentional conflict would add an estimated 50% to their bottom line. What executive would not drool at the prospect of adding 50% to the bottom line? What’s more, these financial benefits, which are based on sustained improvements in how the company works, continue to pay out year after year.

Unlocking the Hidden Power of Energy in Business

Acquiring A Deeper and More Informed View Of Your Business

Another striking discovery was just how little the typical manager sees regarding the internal workings of their business. The problem started around the mid 1900’s when knowledge work came into existence and eventually became the predominant form of work. Whereas historical work on the factory floor was highly visible and relatively easy to manage, knowledge work was largely invisible. Consequently, the internal dynamics of the business, (the system), also became largely obscured. That left us with management practices that grew out of the First Industrial Revolution when we still had a line of sight to the staff at work.

As you might imagine, those management practices no longer serve us. What we need is the ability to see much deeper into the workings of our businesses so we can build and manage them more effectively. Now, we finally have it. Managing energy gives us that much deeper and more informed view. It’s like an X-ray machine for business. Once you look at your business through that lens, you are likely to be amazed at what you’ve been missing.

Staying Relevant In The Fourth Industrial Revolution

A third discovery came as I pointed the lens of energy toward collaboration and interpersonal services. These strongly related activities are both becoming increasingly essential as we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the age of robots and artificial intelligence. When we become aware of the energy involved in a collaboration, we better understand what collaboration actually is, and how to do it more effectively. This applies to both one-on-one and group collaborations. We also see the things that tend to block good collaborations, and become much better equipped to deal with them. We learn how to create a “shared space” where creativity and innovation can thrive. As robots and AI pick up our more routine tasks, you can maintain your relevance by improving your abilities at these uniquely human collaborative activities.

The Energy Equation

And The List Goes On

The benefits of unlocking the hidden power of energy in business go on and on. And the insights that come from it are both surprising and revealing. You can read all about it in my book, The Energy Equation: Unlocking the Hidden Power of Energy in Business. I want you to have the advantage of the Energy Equation. You may never look at your business or yourself the same way again.

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