Custom Business Solutions

Customer Focus Inside Out

What-We-Do-v2.jpgUnlike other companies, Advance Consulting does not simply follow the “traditional wisdom” in how we do things. We want more for you than that. Instead, we follow our “experiential wisdom”. That means that we have learned what works and what doesn’t work based on our direct experience helping people and companies across industries improve business performance. We apply that direct experience in our client engagements. Do it once, do it right, and enjoy the benefits.

The truth about how things work, and how things don’t work, is sometimes unexpected, even ironic. Such is the case with customer focus and the ability to serve others. The “traditional wisdom” tells us that if you want to establish or improve customer focus, start with those in your business who directly communicate with external clients. That seems to make perfect sense. However, based on our experience, it doesn’t work well and the change is not sustainable.

To create sustainable change, you must develop customer focus from the inside out. Start with your organization, operations and skill sets. Otherwise, your people will be too distracted and encumbered by internal activities and conflict to adequately focus on external customers. In other words, we must get our houses in order before we can increase customer focus and achieve business excellence. So, you can do things the traditional way five times and never get it right, or you can do it right the first time. We show you how, and partner with you and your team to get it done.

The rest is about our toolkit and people. Advance Consulting employs a variety of leading-edge consulting, training, and coaching elements to create experienced-based, customer focused business solutions for you and your business. And our highly talented and experienced consultants, coaches, and facilitators bring it all together to deliver the custom business solutions with optimum results.