Using Energy to Inform and Power Consulting

What is Consulgetics?

Consulgetics is our latest achievement in the evolution of consulting skills development for both internal and external consultants. Born of our many years of consultant development for companies and agencies across the globe, Consulgetics combines the best of our traditional consulting skills training with the power and insight of managing energy to get things done.

Consulgetics is based on the recognition that at the heart of everything we do as consultants is energy. As consultants, we harness and align energy to optimize the impact and outcome of our work – whether we recognize it or not. So to give this reality a name we combined the words consulting and energetics to create Consulgetics, the practice of using energy to inform and power consulting.


To make the practice of Consulgetics explicit and systematic so we could teach it to others, Advance Consulting blended two important bodies of work. First, we selected several highly relevant energy management techniques first introduced in Greg Baker’s book, The Energy Equation: Unlocking the Hidden Power of Energy in Business. We then blended those with our time-tested consulting techniques and processes. The result is a powerful learning path for consultants. It helps them see problems more clearly and solve them more sustainably. Learn how you can significantly raise the bar on your consultants’ abilities and performance.

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