Left unaddressed, companies can find themselves on a trajectory towards irrelevance as they enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution – the age of robots, artificial intelligence and rapidly advancing technology where ongoing change and adaptation are essential. To thrive, companies must accomplish five things:

  • A robust enterprise design
  • Engaged and capable people
  • Effective leadership and people management
  • Collaborative self management
  • An ability to effectively manage change

We can help you accomplish these objectives using a new breakthrough approach – managing the energy of your business. We call this The Energy AdvantageTM.

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We are experienced and innovative management consultants with a passion for partnering with clients to develop capability, improve performance and position for future success.

We serve corporate and government clients in the U.S. and abroad. Established in 1990, Advance Consulting specializes in the transformation of people, teams, and organizations, helping our clients adapt and thrive in the dynamic global business environment.
As our slogan says, we help you

Advance the Way You Work…

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