Consulting Skills

Consulting Skills Training – The New Business 101

We develop professionals around the world

We provide consulting skills training to professional groups around the world.

  • Corporate and government groups
  • All industries
  • Professionals with either internal or external clients
    • Internal Service Groups: HR, IT, Finance, Legal, and Shared Services
    • External Service Groups: Professional Services, Consulting Groups

We specialize in clearly understanding our clients’ needs and preferences, and then delivering the exact training each one needs to achieve its business and development goals.

We deliver the best consulting skills Training solutions

How do we do this and why are we the best? Three reasons:

Experience: We have been developing and delivering consultant development training, with extremely high client satisfaction, for over 25 years. Our experienced consultants and facilitators are simply the best at what they do.

Superior Content: We literally wrote The Book on consulting in the 1990’s. Since then we have continuously refined and expanded our Consultative Partnering workshops to reflect our latest research, experience, and emerging business trends.

Options: Our secret to providing custom consultant development training solutions is to utilize pre-developed options in various combinations to specifically satisfy each client’s needs. Check out the options available to you below: