Consulgetics Content and Audience

Building Your Consulting Superpowers

Consulgetics Audience

Professionals that interact with internal and/or external clients will benefit from the Consulgetics content. This learning journey applies to virtually any functional discipline, including Professional Services, Engineering, IT, Sales, Finance, Human Resources, and Operations.

Consulgetics Takeaways

Participants come away from the Consulgetics experience with an immediately applicable set of tools, techniques and capabilities that will supercharge their consulting work. Applying these new insights and capabilities will equip consultants to tackle the most common consulting challenges. According to the voice of our clients, these challenges include:

    • building trusted partner relationships
    • having difficult conversations
    • making things happen
    • moving work forward
    • diagnosing problems
    • developing sustainable solutions
    • mitigating conflict
    • interacting and collaborating effectively, and
    • managing change.

Consulgetics Content

The Consulgetics content includes carefully selected topics that give consultants a fresh perspective and teach them a new discipline. Importantly, this discipline is part art, and part science. That means there are multiple ways of getting things done, as long as enough energy is flowing in the right direction. Given this reality, participants are encouraged to make this discipline their own and recognize their personal transformation. The result is a new and more powerful way of working. These new “consulting superpowers” apply to all consultants, regardless of their particular technical area or experience level. Please see the Consulgetics topics listed below.















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