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Using science to move work forward

Using science to move work forward and drive change is at the heart of the Consulgetics approach. It addresses two of the biggest challenges consultants face. How do we know what those are?

Whenever we deliver our consultant development workshops we ask the participants to list the biggest challenges in their daily work. Two things always make the list. First, they say they have trouble moving work forward. Progress stalls when clients don’t do what they’re supposed to do for the project, when needed resources aren’t available, or when obstacles get in the way. Second, they tell us that driving change in their client organizations, and their own, is difficult and, at times, seems impossible. For example, systems are implemented but people don’t fully adopt them, new processes are defined but people are more comfortable with the old way, or a faction of resisters has formed to undermine the whole effort.

If we could just solve these two problems, they say, life as a consultant would be so much better! And you know what? They’re right! Solving these problems is arguably a holy grail of consulting. But how do we do it?

First, we need to recognize that the way we’ve been approaching these problems simply isn’t working well. Then we need to find and adopt the new approaches that will give consultants the power and ability to meet these universal challenges. This article will give you a window into those approaches and a path to the details of using science to move work forward and drive change. Let’s take the challenges one at a time.


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Hint: The New Kind

Which Kind of Consultant Do You Want To Be?

I’d like to tell you a little story about two consultants. It’s based on a situation I’ve seen several times in my career where management and organizational problems are unfortunately misdiagnosed. This is not a little thing. It happens often and, when it does, it hurts the business and the people involved. What makes this situation so common and how can you make sure you aren’t contributing to the problem? Read on to find out and decide which kind of consultant you want to be.

Two Consultants Walk Into a Restaurant

Two consultants from different companies walk into a Restaurant. They had been summoned there at the same time by a potential client. As they scanned the room they spotted the vice president with whom they would meet sipping her club soda. The consultants made their way to the client’s table and sat down. After brief introductions the client said to them, “I’m having trouble with two of my department managers. They seem to be at odds constantly, always picking at each other. I’ve talked with them both but to no avail. I don’t know what to do.” She went on to say that she wanted to give both consultants a chance to win her business. “You each have 24 hours, she said, to evaluate the problem and tell me the solution.” Both consultants eagerly accepted the challenge and all agreed to meet back in the restaurant the next day.


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Using Energy to Inform and Power Consulting

Consulgetics: Using Energy to Inform and Power Consulting

What is Consulgetics?

Consulgetics is our latest achievement in the advance of consulting skills development for both internal and external consultants. Born of our many years of consultant development for companies and agencies across the globe, Consulgetics combines the best of our traditional consulting skills training with the power and insight of managing energy to get things done.

Consulgetics is based on the recognition that at the heart of everything we do as consultants is energy. As consultants, we harness and align energy to optimize the impact and outcome of our work – whether we recognize it or not. So to give this reality a name we combined the words consulting and energetics to create Consulgetics, the practice of using energy to inform and power consulting.


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A Reliable Performance Improvement Approach

As the U.S. and other developed countries continue their evolution toward a service economy, the number of service groups is multiplying rapidly, and service group excellence has become essential. But what exactly is a service group? There are two types.

  • External Service Groups: Have external customers, and include consulting and professional services groups.
  • Internal Service Groups: Have internal customers, and include functional groups such as HR, IT, Finance and Legal.

Whether a service group is internal or external, it faces certain intrinsic challenges.

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Optimize Your Consulting Skills Training

You may remember the nature vs. nurture issue in regard to where positive human traits (such as strong abilities) and negative human traits (such as diseases) come from. Those who land on the nature side of the argument profess that it is all predestined and based on our DNA. Those who favor the nurture side believe that how we are raised and what we experience is the primary driver.


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