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The Power to Influence With Positive Intent

Influence is constantly at work in our business lives. Personal influence is the power to affect what people think and do. It can determine how things get done, or not done, in a company. What is important to understand is that you can apply two kinds of influence – constructive or destructive – and what we choose to use will make all the difference in the quality of our personal lives, our experience at work, the performance of our companies, and the state of our world.


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Look Inward To Enable Customer Focus

In our article series we’re addressing a common challenge – how do we drive our businesses toward developing customer focus? This article will focus specifically on developing customer focused operations.

As we previously stated, the journey to implementing customer focus involves all parts of an organization, including:

  • Individuals
  • Operations
  • Organizational culture and structure
  • Products and services


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Implementing Customer Focus Is A Journey

As we discussed in last month’s article, companies and organizations around the world are concentrating on implementing customer focus strategies. Most organizations make the claim that they are customer focused or customer centered (who wouldn’t?). Yet some look more customer focused than others. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to simply make a decision to become customer focused. That would be like buying a guitar, taking one lesson, and declaring yourself a master musician.


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