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How Not to Influence Your Clients

Don't Fall Into Destructive Influence

Whether your clients are internal or external, you work hard to understand their needs. You develop ideas and solutions to help them meet their needs. But then how do you then convince your clients that they should understand and appreciate your vision and support your proposal? Will you use constructive influence or destructive influence to convince them? (See our recent article, Influence: Constructive or Destructive, for descriptions of each.)

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The Next 90 Days

Relaunch Your Career With Personal Strategy Planning

What you do over the next 90 days at work could become a cornerstone in your career or, at the very least, could help you position this as the year you finally accomplished that important goal or project you haven’t been able to get to.

Each of us knows that our career success is enhanced by strategic accomplishments that rise above daily operations. Yet sometimes we get bogged down, lose focus, or become distracted by less important tasks.

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Influence: Constructive or Destructive

The Power to Influence With Positive Intent

Influence is constantly at work in our business lives. Personal influence is the power to affect what people think and do. It can determine how things get done, or not done, in a company. What is important to understand is that there are two kinds of influence – constructive influence and destructive influence – and what we choose to use will make all the difference in the quality of our personal lives, our experience at work, the performance of our companies, and the state of our world.

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