High Impact Business Writing

High Impact Business Writing

The highly focused experiential one-day High Impact Business Writing workshop gives professionals the tools and skills they need to develop clear and impactful written business communications based on a strong understanding of the reader and the reader’s business, needs, concerns, and opportunities.


The quality of your written communications either enhances or detracts from your value as a business professional. When you get it right you are not only communicating more effectively, you are enhancing your professional credibility and image.

High Impact Business Writing helps professionals at all levels fine tune their ability to connect with their audiences and present ideas for the greatest impact. Through a combination of interactive classroom activities and writing practice with personalized coaching and feedback, the workshop equips participants with the skills and knowledge to ensure their written communication is:

Audience focused: Understand what your reader cares about and what they value.

Linked to the important business issues and opportunities: Write to what your client is concerned about.

Clearly written: Use a structure that is based on the intended purpose of the communication, and written in a way that will make the messages crystal clear to the reader.


Professionals who need to communicate ideas and recommendations (either formally or informally) to influence and gain business commitment will benefit from this business communication skills training.


Following completion of this written communication skills training, participants will be able to:

Understand the Reader

  • Understand and describe the “big picture” of their client’s business, concerns, issues and opportunities.
  • Use this understanding as a basis for communicating at a more strategic level.

Target the Communication

  • Identify the unique needs and concerns of their client/executive decision makers.
  • Target written communications to meet those needs.

Apply the Five Step CLEAR Process

  • Learn a systematic approach for effective business writing.
  • Apply the CLEAR process for consistently strong results
  • Clarify Your Purpose
  • Lead with the Big Picture
  • Engage Your Reader
  • Author Your Draft
  • Review, Edit and Finalize