High Impact Business Presentations

High Impact Business Presentations

This experiential two-day High Impact Business Presentations workshop equips professionals to understand their audience, prepare effectively, and confidently present ideas and recommendations (either formally or informally) to influence and gain business commitment.


The effectiveness and credibility of professionals ultimately comes down to how well they can get their ideas across and make effective presentations to their clients – either informally in small group settings or to larger and more formal audiences.

The High Impact Business Presentations workshop will help professionals at all levels fine tune their ability to connect with the audience and present ideas that resonate for the greatest impact. Through a combination of interactive classroom activities and presentation practice with individualized coaching and feedback, this workshop equips participants with the three key ingredients that are the foundation of high impact business presentations:

  1. Knowing how to listen to, understand, find value for, and build trust with the audience – before and during the presentation.
  2. Having the skills and tools to deliver the presentation with impact while responding effectively in the moment to challenging situations.
  3. Bringing forward the unique style and traits that will personalize the presentation.


Professionals that need to present ideas and recommendations (either formally or informally) to influence and gain business commitment will benefit from this business communication skills training.


After completing this business communication training, participants will be able to:

  • Apply a presentation planning process that will identify the key pain points and root causes to reduce potential objections during the presentation.
  • Assess trust with the audience and apply strategies to increase trust and credibility during the presentation.
  • Create powerful value propositions that align with client needs and pain points.
  • Apply best practices for creating effective presentations, including how to select the right methods, materials, visuals, design, and approach.
  • Employ presentation techniques such as storytelling, movement, gestures, humor, etc.
  • Deliver high-impact presentations to a variety of audiences.
  • Handle questions and objections in the moment, and turn them into opportunities to positively influence the audience.
  • Make presentations actionable by clearly identifying key points, next steps, responsibilities, and timing.