Getting to Consultant

Getting to Consultant

The highly interactive, three-day, Getting to Consultant classroom learning experience helps with onboarding consultants and individual contributors develop core consulting capabilities, increase the value they contribute, and move into the role of consultant.


Getting to Consultant is designed to help individual contributors—who are in positions in which they are successful and valued for their technical knowledge and experience—build on their current expertise to develop core consulting capabilities.

As they travel the learning journey to “get to consultant”, they will build on their current strengths and, step-by-step, develop the capabilities of skillful consultants.

The workshop centers around the steps in the journey to get to consultant, and moves participants through a systematic process that helps them focus on how they build and increase the value they contribute to their clients in everything they do in their work.


The Getting to Consultant workshop is designed for individual contributors who are valued for their technical knowledge and experience and are ready to move into the role of consultant.


After completing the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Strengthen internal and external client business partnerships
  • Deepen trust and commitment in client relationships.
  • Make value more visible
  • Influence others around ideas and business solutions
  • Identify and adapt to client personality and motivating preferences
  • Achieve optimum results in every interaction
  • Adapt to changing business conditions and client needs
  • Improve customer satisfaction