Essentials of Consultative Partnering Remote Workshop

Essentials of Consultative Partnering

The Essentials of Consultative Partnering Remote workshop is delivered in eight two-hour sessions via an online classroom, allowing participants to attend from their offices virtually anywhere in the world. It equips professionals with the tools and skills needed to build influential partnerships with both internal and external clients to optimize service delivery and results. Utilizing a blended delivery approach, it provides many of the benefits of classroom training, plus some remote advantages, while avoiding travel costs and big-block time commitments.


The ability to build business partnerships has become a critical competency in today’s business environment. It is no longer enough to provide “off the shelf” services or solutions. Clients need and want to work with professionals who understand their business issues and can provide customized solutions that meet their specific revenue or productivity objectives.

During the workshop, participants engage in dynamic discussions and job-specific application activities using customized cases and real-life examples, and receive feedback through self-assessments and coaching. They focus on their team and individual situations during the workshop, spending over 75% of the course time on interactive and experiential activities.


The Essentials of Consultative Partnering Remote workshop is targeted at professionals across all industries that interact with internal and/or external clients such as Professional Services Consultants, Engineering, IT, Sales, Finance, Human Resources, and Operations.


After completing Essentials of Consultative Partnering, participants will be able to:

Understand Business Issues and Provied Business Solutions

  • Identify business issues, needs and strategies.
    Provide options to meet and solve the business challenge.
  • Recommend business solutions that are relevant to the client.
  • Offer targeted solutions that produce business results, not just technical results.

Expand Influence

  • Be viewed as a business partner.
  • Identify new opportunities with current clients.
  • Grow the network of people within the client group who have influence on a given project.
  • Build confidence and increase productivity through effective interactions.

Increase Customer/Partner Satisfaction

  • Achieve results and heighten overall customer satisfaction by understanding their needs, providing solutions to meet those needs, and helping them to execute on the solution ideas.
  • Broaden the role of business partner to better serve the client’s needs.
  • Minimize escalation to improve satisfaction.
  • More effectively manage projects and initiatives.

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