Consultative Selling

Consultative Selling

This highly interactive two-day Consultative Selling workshop helps sales professionals and consultants improve selling performance through the application of a time tested consultative selling process and client interaction practices. In addition, it provides essential skills for professionals in team selling environments.


Most professionals involved in the sales process want to be more successful, both in terms of their sales interactions with prospects and clients, and in their sales results. They want to make more sales, and make them faster. Their success depends not only on their ability to sell, but to also build strong, long-lasting relationships with their clients.

The Consultative Selling Workshop teaches professionals to apply a proven, systematic relationship-building sales process so they can:

  • Engage more meaningfully in selling activities with prospects and clients.
  • Link their company’s offerings to clients’ strategic business problems and opportunities.
  • Establish their value over time to continually distinguish themselves and their companies from the competition.

In the workshop participants learn to consultatively move clients toward recognizing that they want what is being sold, need it above what the competition is offering, and are ready to move to buying now. They learn to quickly formulate a sales and communication strategy based on client personality and style tendencies, powerfully present the unique value their product/solution will provide, and conduct sales interactions using a systematic process to improve outcomes and move the sales process forward in every interaction. Participants build on and apply these skills in a four-phase solution selling process that helps them close more deals while reducing sales cycle time.


This solution selling training is targeted at sales professionals, consultants, professional service groups, project managers, and functional experts involved in solution selling via cross functional teams.


After completing the training, participants will be able to:

  • Move prospects and clients to the point where they clearly see that they NEED the solution(s) offered and WANT them above those offered by the competition – NOW.
  • Apply a proven, four-phased solution selling process: Position the Deal, Understand the Business, Close the Sale, and Advance the Relationship.
  • Formulate sales and communication strategies, based on prospect/client personality and style tendencies, to accelerate the sales cycle and improve outcomes.
  • Identify their Point of Power to clearly communicate the unique value that their solutions bring in helping prospects/clients tackle strategic business issues and opportunities.
  • Use a Managing Sales Interactions communication process in every sales interaction to achieve the goals for the interaction while advancing the sales process and enhancing the relationship.