Consultative Partnering for Leaders

Consultative Partnering for Leaders

This two to three day facilitated working session engages and aligns executives to plan and lead major business transformation initiatives, using executive consulting skills, techniques, and principles to create sustainable change through effective leadership.


This facilitated working session is for leaders responsible for driving change – whether they are building a more consultative organization, instilling greater customer focus, building high performance teams, or improving overall business results. Consultative Partnering for Leaders provides a condensed version of the Consultative Partnering skills to encourage a “top down” modeling of consulting behaviors essential for organizations in transformation. More importantly, it guides the leadership team in developing the vision for change, assessing and developing readiness, identifying and addressing obstacles to change, solidifying their communication approach, and identifying the primary activities that will ensure change takes place and strategic goals are met. Our senior consultants will work with leaders to design a customized agenda that meets their strategic and developmental goals for this event.


This facilitated working session is targeted at executives across industries responsible for driving business transformation through large or complex initiatives.


After completing the Consultative Partnering for Leaders working session executives will be able to:

Develop a Vision for Change

Assess the Organization’s Change Readiness and Mitigate Obstacles to Change

Develop and Implement Communication and Action Plans for the Change Initiative

Demonstrate Executive Consultative Leadership Competencies

  • Integrates and articulates organizational vision and strategies as they impact the success of the overall business.
  • Influences others at high levels across own and client organization to produce successful change.
  • Coaches and develops others to improve organizational effectiveness.
  • Takes a leadership role in facilitating group interactions or processes to resolve high impact issues and ensure strategic business goals are achieved and customer satisfaction is improved.
  • Anticipates long-term strategic shifts and trends that have organization-wide impact, and identifies business solutions, technologies and systematic approaches needed.
  • Tracks and monitors change initiatives to ensure planned outcomes and strategies are achieved within resource and budget targets.
  • Establishes methodologies for identifying, quantifying, qualifying and solving complex business problems.

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