Consultative Negotiating

Consultative Negotiating

This strategic and experiential one-day workshop gives sales professionals, consultants and managers the tools and skills they need to consultatively negotiate highly successful agreements in less time.


Whether you are in Sales, Professional Services, or an internal department (HR, Finance, IT, etc.), your negotiations will always produce two things: a solution that has value, and an exchange in return for the value. Skilled negotiators see negotiating as a process that occurs throughout the entire negotiation cycle (i.e., from development of the solution through discussion and agreement on the exchange provisions). They focus less on “pushing” a position and more on understanding the other party’s interests, priorities and constraints. With enhanced understanding, negotiators expand solution options and forge more successful agreements – to the satisfaction of both parties. In addition, the negotiation cycle is shortened as costly delays are avoided through skilled anticipation and careful navigation.

Consultative Negotiating helps business professionals enter negotiations, just as they would a consulting engagement, with the need to understand as much as they can about the situation and the people involved. Through interactive classroom activities and negotiation practice with personalized coaching and feedback, they learn to apply the AGREE Consultative Negotiating model, which provides the steps for successful negotiations. Participants experience that, having applied the process, they will enter into final negotiations able to propose solution and exchange options that will have a much higher degree of success.


Sales professionals, consultants, and managers who need to negotiate contracts, complex deals, or internal agreements will benefit from this negotiation training.


Following completion of this negotiation training, participants will be able to:

Understand the Negotiating Landscape

  • Understand and describe the “big picture” of the negotiation, including who should be involved, who makes the decisions, and important “cultural” factors.
  • Understand why clients want what they want as a basis for formulating options.

Navigate the Negotiation

  • Identify and overcome constraints that are potential obstacles to a successful deal.
  • Consider and implement realistic constraints to prevent negotiations from getting mired in unproductive discussions and to maintain a positive, mutually beneficial course of discussion.

Apply the Five Step AGREE Process

  • Learn a systematic approach for consultative negotiations.
  • Apply the AGREE process for consistently strong results:
    • Analyze the Situation
    • Gain Understanding
    • Recognize Constraints
    • Encourage Discussion to Reach Agreement
    • Enlighten Yourself – If the Deal Appears to be Lost