Building Business Partnerships

Building Business Partnerships

This highly interactive one-day workshop provides professionals with the tools and skills needed to build lasting business partnerships among teams, functions and third-party alliances.


In the Building Business Partnerships workshop participants examine six key Partnering Factors as they relate to building business partnerships within and between groups. Participants use the Partnering Factors to assess their business partnerships with one or two of their partner groups, develop strategies for implementing each factor, and practice methods for moving the partnerships forward.

The HBR case study, “Mount Everest – 1996” is used as a foundation to set the framework for building effective business partnerships. Participants examine the factors in the case that ultimately led to the disaster on Everest and identify how those factors, when reversed, lead to successful business partnerships. The case brings to life the six partnering factors as each participant “intuitively” discovers best practices for building effective business partnerships.


The Business Building Partnerships workshop is targeted at professional groups that need to develop strong working relationships within and across project teams, functional departments, vendor and client groups, government agencies, and culturally diverse teams. It is a powerful tool for integrating organizations and operations following mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations, and for driving effective operations across functional lines.


After completing the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify relationships where partnering will add value and effectiveness.
  • Clearly understand partners’ needs, issues and strategies, and leverage common goals.
  • Go beyond symptoms to uncover root causes of conflict in relationship.
  • Develop strategies and specific actions for building effective business partnerships.
  • Maintain and enhance business relationships by applying the six Partnering Factors.
  • Heighten trust and loyalty through open and complete communication and collaboration.
  • Enhance questioning and listening skills enabling greater insight for solution ideas and additional opportunities.