Advanced Consultative Partnering - Abridged

Advanced Consultative Partnering Abridged

This course is essentially day one of the 2-3 day workshop. It provides participants with advanced consulting skills development, connecting to the roles of leaders and managers.


Advanced Consultative Partnering Abridged presents an advanced view of Consultative Partnering skills while focusing participants on leading teams, managing challenging interactions, and effectively communicating value propositions. In addition, participants improve their ability to influence at C-level, deliver value-based recommendations, and model consulting behavior to further build and reinforce advanced consulting skills among their staff and peers. Participants will develop skills to handle the most difficult and challenging client interactions that result in better relationships and partnership with their clients.

During the workshop, participants engage in dynamic discussions and job-specific application activities using customized scenarios and real-life examples, and receive feedback through self-assessments and coaching. They focus on their team and individual situations during the workshop, spending over 75% of the course time on interactive and experiential activities.


This advanced workshop is targeted at senior consultants and managers across industries who interact at senior levels with internal and client organizations at all phases of large or complex initiatives. They are often responsible for leading, managing and coaching a team of more junior consultants.


After completing the workshop, participants will be able to:

Build Strong Business Partnerships Among People and Teams

  • Define the role of the leader and senior consultant in the organization and their responsibilities in developing business partnering relationships.
  • Determine clients’ expectations for the consulting team, and identify and eliminate obstacles to meeting those expectations.
  • Understand other’s personality, style, and needs in interactions, and develop interaction strategies that build trust and partnership.

Leverage Expertise and Value While Managing Client Interactions

  • Make explicit in client interactions how the consulting teams’ expertise adds value.
  • Apply the Managing Client Interactions model and skills in difficult interactions where risk and emotions are high in order to meet goals and build trust and partnership.