Your Path Forward

Planning For Success

Optimizing The Outcome

You may have a particular improvement or enhancement in mind for your service group. It could be about any number of things – better customer interactions, increased upsells on your accounts, building trusted partnerships with clients, or making your matrix organization work better. Regardless of the particular improvement, the strategy to maximize the benefit stream and minimize the damage stream is generally the same.

Treat the whole system, and the system will work. You must first identify all of the organizational, operational and people elements involved in developing the capability and capacity for the particular workflow, and then build them out accordingly. A well planned and executed improvement initiative will generally give you the results you are looking for.

Your Path Forward

Conversely, if you treat part of the system, and/or give some of the parts only partial treatment, you will erode the continuity and momentum of the targeted workflow. At best you will experience things like inefficiency, errors, and friction among the staff. At worst, you will end up with a failed new capability or a major liability due to an uncontrolled damage stream.

The sad truth is that a majority of service group improvement initiatives fail or produce suboptimal results because they are poorly planned, and don’t address the whole system. Don’t let your initiative be one of those! There is a better way – the Advance Approach.

The Advance Approach