What Drives Excellence?

The Service Group is a System

All Parts Must Work in Concert

To drive Service Group Excellence we must first make sure the group has the organizational capability and capacity to perform at high service levels. In all service groups this capability and capacity is composed of three major levels, with each composed of multiple elements:

  • Organization: Includes overarching factors such as leadership, structure and communications.
  • Operations: Includes project delivery, operational governance, business processes, systems, planning and budgeting, and all things operational.
  • People: Includes roles, attitudes, technical skills, soft skills, incentives and all things related to individuals.



Any specific type of work performed by the group will require contributions from one or more system elements. This work could be implementing a new system, coaching an employee, or writing a legal document. Typically, multiple elements and all three levels are involved in any significant workflow. The flow of work through those elements produces the service results. If all of the involved elements are present, sufficient, and “lined up”, the results will be good. If they are not, the results will be less than good.

Service Group Excellence is driven, first and foremost, by a strong and integrated capability and capacity. To be excellent, we must first have the ability to be excellent. But how do you know how excellent your group is?

Performance Scorecard