The Advance Approach

Integrating Change Into Your Business

Building Sustainable ROI

To solve service group challenges, improve performance, and achieve excellence we work with you to excecute the following steps:

Step 1

We start with a clear understanding of your business goals, ensuring they are aresult of the improvement – not a part of it. In addition, we make sure your business goals are measurable so we can make improvement visible and concrete.

Step 2

From there, we identify your value chain, or perhaps chains, that result in services impacting the areas targeted by your business goals. Like any chain, a value chain is only as good as its weakest link, so it is important to look at the entire chain when formulating improvements.

Step 3

We then knit together the key organizational, operational and individual elements that contribute to the value chain, and identify enhancements to the “links in the chain” that need development.

Step 4

Once the chain is complete and no links are “broken”, you will have the capability and capacity to provide a high level of high-value service in your targeted areas. We then work with you to implement adoption mechanisms that help your business realize these high service levels.

Our approach creates a robust stream of benefits for your service group, typically a significant and sustainable return on your investment.

Do it right. Do it once. Enjoy the benefits.


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