Service Group Excellence

ex • cel • lence n. the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.

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In Service to Others

Set the Bar High

Why is Change So Difficult?

We believe there is one primary cause at the root of the difficulty. Most service group improvement initiatives fail or significantly underperform because they provide point solutions instead of addressing the service group “system.”

Don’t Make this Mistake

Significant service improvement comes from a robust, intact value chain with no “broken links.” However, most service group initiatives target one or two “links” in the chain, strive to improve those and essentially ignore the rest. The problem is that no matter how well those links work, when other links in the chain don’t work well, they block the flow of service and value to the customers. In the end, money and effort are expended on the initiative with little impact on the customer and disappointing returns to the service group. Time was wasted, and time is running out.

Service Group ExcellenceWhat You Need

You need a reliable approach for improving your service group performance. Fortunately, we can help. Whether yours is a professional services group serving external customers or a functional service group (like HR, Finance, IT or Legal) serving internal customers, you want to do the very best job possible.

Set the bar high and achieve Service Group Excellence. But what drives service level performance, how does it work, and how do you achieve it in your group? Keep reading to find out.

Achieving Excellence