Performance Scorecard

Benefits and Damages

Two Sides of the Same Coin

You drive toward excellence in order to improve the performance of your service group. But how do you gauge your level of performance in providing service to your clients? How do you know when you have improved, or slipped back? How do you know your service group improvement initiatives are working?

Because the act of providing services includes and involves customers, there is a dynamic not present in manufacturing lines or transactional processes. This people-based dynamic requires us to think about and measure performance in a different way. That way involves two things that turn out to be “opposite sides of the same coin” – the Benefit Stream and the Damage Stream.The_Service_Group_System_II.png

The Benefit Stream is the more obvious of the two. It can be measured in a variety of ways, including work efficiency, deliverable quality, and increases in customer satisfaction. The Damage Stream is what often keeps service group leaders up at night. Costly mistakes in the field, poorly handled customer interactions, and uncompensated scope creep erode performance and customer satisfaction. To have an accurate view of service group performance, we must look at both the Benefit Stream and the Damage Stream.

Now that we know how to gauge our performance, how do we impact it? In order to promote benefits and avoid damages, we must understand how service groups create both benefits and damages.

How It Works