How It Works

The Service Group Engine

Elements Working In Concert

Most major activities or workflows in a service group involve enterprise elements at all three levels – organizational, operational and people. For example, a relatively simple business process needs to be well designed and documented (operational). A policy must be in place and communicated to the people in the business telling them when to use the process and how it applies to the various departments (organizational). Finally, the people must be trained in how to use the process, and they must exist in sufficient numbers according to the required business capacity at any given time (people).

How the System Works

The system works when all of these things are in place and function adequately. Benefits flow and damages are minimized. But when one or more needed elements are missing or only partially developed, the system breaks down. Benefits dry up and damages accrue more quickly.

Whatever the current state of your service group, you would probably like to see it work better and better. But how do you approach making improvements given how the system works?

Your Path Forward