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Service Group Excellence

A Reliable Performance Improvement Approach

As the U.S. and other developed countries continue their evolution toward a service economy, the number of service groups is multiplying rapidly. But what exactly is a service group? There are two types.

  • External Service Groups: Have external customers, and include consulting and professional services groups.
  • Internal Service Groups: Have internal customers, and include functional groups such as HR, IT, Finance and Legal.

Whether a service group is internal or external, it faces certain intrinsic challenges.

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Developing Customer Focus

Customer Focus Inside Out

Customer Focus is a theme that has been prevalent over the past two decades. Organizations commonly talk about becoming customer-focused, customer-centric, or customer-centered. And if they’re not talking about that, they are often waving their flags in a “One Company” drive to become unified in service to their customers – which actually amounts to the same thing as customer focus in terms of what has to be done to achieve it and the net result.

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Rethink Your Organizational Structure to Manage Unintentional Conflict

Intelligent Organizational Design

No organizational structure is perfect, but many of them across business today could be a lot better. The challenge is that many structures out there breed unintentional conflict. Does yours?

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Align Your Business Operations to Manage Unintentional Conflict

Create Shared Space To Enhance Operations

In my recent blog article, A Solution for Managing Unintentional Conflict in Operations, I described how a client company resolved the “unintentional conflict” created by their contract processing operation. They created a “shared operational space” where work was accomplished with much greater harmony and efficiency. Their results were stunning – a near 300% improvement in contract cycle time. In this blog article I would like to provide some “how-to’s” for managers who want to obtain similar results managing conflict in their own operations, and talk a little more about the importance of creating shared space in business operations and preventing conflict in the first place.

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A Solution for Managing Unintentional Conflict in Operations

Managing Conflict With A Clear Operational Design

In my recent Advance Update article, Managing Unintentional Conflict in Business, I introduced a phenomenon at work in our businesses today that I have labeled “Unintentional Conflict.” I described how unintentional conflict shows up at the individual, operational, and organizational levels, and is quite prevalent in our business enterprises. In this blog I will focus on how to resolve my example of unintentional conflict at the operational level to create what we call operational “shared space”.

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