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Conducting Interviews: The Explosive Demand for Interviewing Skills

Interviewing To Communicate And Align

This is the first in a series of blog articles about stakeholder and client interviewing to inform and build alignment around important projects and initiatives. I will start by addressing the question, “What is driving all of the new demand for interviewing skills?”

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Consulting Skills - The New Business 101

Consulting Skills Are Now Essential In Business

Twenty years ago consulting skills were the exclusive domain of professional consultants. Today, they belong to everyone in business. Consulting skills have become so essential for getting results in today's complex web of people, organizations, and business relationships that they are now a required foundation - the New Business 101.

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Developing Customer Focused Products and Services

Who You Are Affects Customer Focus

Virtually every company and government organization develops products and/or services for its external customers. Who am I to tell you how to do it for your particular business? You know the business. You talk with your customers. That’s not an issue. So what is the issue?

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What to Consider When Implementing Customer Focus

Developing Customer Focus Is A Journey

As we discussed in last month’s article, companies and organizations around the world are concentrating on
creating customer focused strategies. Most organizations make the claim that they are customer focused or customer centered (who wouldn’t?), yet some look more customer focused than others. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to simply make a decision to become customer focused. That would be like buying a guitar, taking one lesson, and declaring yourself a master musician.

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The Drive to Become Customer Focused

Multiple Drivers Demand Customer Focus

Customer Focus - We’ve all seen numerous articles and countless books written on developing customer focus. It is a theme that has been prevalent over the past two decades. Every organization seems to be talking about becoming customer-focused, customer-centric, or customer-centered. What is creating the intense interest? Why are so many companies concentrating on creating a customer focused strategy? What is triggering all of this?

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